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Biking Experiences: Back on the Saddle

I borrowed my sister's bike until mine comes in next week. I decided to get a haircut, particularly to trim down the amount of dyed hair. That hair is very fuzzed now and I wouldn't be all that surprised to have it start knotting before I style it.

Anyway, it's probably been over 4 or 5 years since I've ridden a bike so it's a little unbalanced at times. I'm also unsure of the capabilities of the bike so I'm taking it cautiously. By the time I got to the hair place, about 2.5 miles away, I was sweating up a storm the entire time he was cutting my hair (he probably though 'ewww').

I'm going to need to get into some form of shape over the next few weeks before I hit Boston and the rest of the country with the folding bike. It's going to be smaller so probably harder to get into motion (especially on hills, which there are plenty of here!). WiiFit to the rescue! (?) Heh
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