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Update, 1 minute before!

As promised, the entry... and today as well O:-)

I'm not sure where to start but I'll just pick something and run with it in hopes everything else will fall into place.

After waiting for two hours to be interview Tuesday, he was finally able to see me. Guess what? ... Yes, I know you're not a mind reader so I'll just tell you. He said he'll definately give me a call this Saturday to schedule an orientation date. Which means... I Got The Job! Yay!

Went shopping Wednesday after Chiropractor appoint, at which he said the appointments should be able to spread apart a little more soon. Got black tennis shoes, black socks, and black slacks while at the store. While that was for work I also got some toiletry items (mousse) and a new pair of boxers! Black boxers with little red flames all over them ^_^ I'm even wearing them right now =P

Poor cat has fleas all over him :-( I mean literally, you can pick any little space on him and find a flea. He even has little sores everywhere from all the bites, not to mention sprinkles of blood everywhere in the bathroom when he scratches. =(

One of the comics I read, PDI, is accepting applications for a webmaster position so I applied. After a sample page and a few questions it has come down to me and one other applicant. They asked a few more questions and will decide Monday ^^ I can't wait! Whee!

Oh, so you want to know about my Personal life as well, eh? Okay then, Lets see... Travis! *hugs* My ashke! ;-) Oh how I adore thee.

As much as I thought I would have to write, I don't. Probably cause I'm rushed to get this posted before midnight. Oh well, I'll be sure to take the time to write my thoughts down next time I have them When I have them.

And now, back to the friend in Ragnarok I left to make this entry.
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