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Online Personal Photo Gallery Packages

I'm looking for a web-based gallery product that works by dumping a bunch of pictures into a base directory (optionally into a folder), giving them all a unique tag (e.g. 'Hiking with the LGBT group in Red Rock, August 2009'), individually tagging them ('me', 'so-and-so', 'hiking'), then marking which ones are to be published (at which point only those would be publicly available). Also photos can be rotated prior to publishing. Preferably made in PHP.

Is there anything like that out there, or is this particular method of managing photos unlikely to be found as a package I can install on my own server?

Coppermine is definitely out (I've heard it has a ton of security flaws, but then I may be wrong). I know Gallery doesn't work like that. plus they way over complicate things.
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