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Projecting warmth; Fresh fruit; Tooth & Dentist; Brio Lunch; Flirting over the top

Today I'm trying to project a warm smile at people that I pass.

I really like fresh fruit salads (that aren't marinating in juice). Canalope, Honeydew, Strawberries, Pineapple (especially the pineapple!), and grapes (they usually get left alone, though; too small to eat with a fork without some difficulty).

I'm made a dentist appointment for 10am tomorrow to get a filling cover on one of my front teeth redone. It's not a new filling, but I think it's only been there for a year or two. After I was brushed with my electric toothbrush on Sunday morning I felt the piece that came off as I was about to spit out the toothpaste. It doesn't hurt and it's only a minor annoyance with cold substances so it's not too urgent. It should be done within an hour.

Just in time for my lunch appointment at Brio tomorrow, yummy.

I'm about to make some really bad attempts at flirting. By 'bad' I mean 'really obvious and way over the top'. heh
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