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Shaving it off again; Book library scanning

This morning I started to trim my facial hair. I got a few buzzes into it when I decided it just wasn't cutting it for me anymore and buzzed all of it off. I then stood in front of the sink and mirror shaving it clean, followed by a hot rag. Felt kind of nice. This is different than normal because I usually shave in the shower. I'm not sure why I keep getting it in my head to let it grow out. Identity crisis, maybe?

In Tennessee I was finally able to fulfill something I had started twice before when I lived with my brother (years and years ago). I used my Android phone to scan the ISBN barcode on all his books while my brother manually entered the ones that didn't have the barcode or an ISBN. We're talking about hundreds upon hundreds of books. We finished the last of them just before I left on Sunday.
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