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My life: Dating

In my last entry I noted that I would talk more about the dating aspect of my life in another entry. This is that entry.

In The Past

I haven't been on a date with anyone new in quite a while. It's not entirely for a lack of trying, although that is part of it. Mostly it is a lack of selection and lack of anyone interested in seeing what might happen. I've also been very restricted in approaching anyone around me who I can't be sure is or isn't gay (oh, the age old situation still occurring; That will be changing fairly soon, though).

Presently Speaking

On my OkCupid profile I've removed the "Long-term dating" selection. I wouldn't turn down one with the right if it presented itself, though.

The main reason why I removed the selection from my profile is because it's not what I'm primarily looking for right now. I'm looking for casual, enjoyable while it lasts, fun, intelligent, and intimate relations.

It is also not very feasible right now. As I ready to travel around the country it would be hard to start anything with the expectation of making it last for long. I also have no idea where I'll end up once I do settle down again, so the other person would have to follow where I go or try to find something where they are.

In Summary

So now I'm going to look for people who are okay with here and now, enjoying the moment while it lasts, then letting it go and going on with their own lives. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this.
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