Russell (zimzat) wrote,

This morning was the last motorcycle run I'll be going on with the Desert Brotherhood M.C. group here in Las Vegas. I've only gone on a handful of runs with them but I've enjoyed the rides.

I need to figure out a dessert for 6 to 8 people. I have two hours to figure something out and make it.

I was thinking about cake, but I'm not sure what kind of cake would be a good idea. Good Eats had an episode on Angel Food Cake, but I doubt that will be quick. There was also a Puff Pastry special. I haven't finished watch either episode so I don't know what all would be involved.

I started thinking about Godiva, but I wouldn't want to serve just the chocolates. Perhaps they could go on top of something. But what? Cake?

White cake with white frosting, raspberry sauce, whole raspberries, and pieces of chocolate on top? ... That sounds pretty good and sufficiently complex. I'll make a run to the store and Godiva now.
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