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Dessert Success; Classic White Cake with Raspberry Sauce

The dessert last night was a hit. Eight people devoured the entire thing by the time I left.

I made Classic White Cake and Raspberry Sauce (minus the Framboise liqueur). I also tried making some Royal Icing but the vanilla extract turned it light brown so I just bought some regular white icing in a can from the store.

I poured some of the raspberry sauce over the first layer, letting it drip over the edges, before putting on the top layer. I then warmed up the icing and spread it out on the top of the cake, letting it drip down the sides as well (otherwise no icing on the sides). I poured some more raspberry sauce around the edge of the top (leaving a little in the center with only icing on it), again letting it drip down the sides. I circled the edge with raspberries and sprinkled the center with milk chocolate 'Pearls'. They put it in the freezer until we were ready for it a couple of hours later. There was plenty of raspberry sauce left so when we started digging into it they spooned some more over each slice as they ate.

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