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Survey from movie ticket website

Only a few minutes after the movie let out I received an email requesting I fill out a survey regarding my experience watching How to Train Your Dragon. The email said (my emphasis) "[Website] is pleased to be able to grant its users the opportunity to have their opinions and preferences heard directly by Hollywood decision makers."

Eh, okay. I'll bite.

The first question was how I would rate the movie (Excellent, Very Good, etc). *checks Very Good* Simple enough.

The second question, on the same page, is asking to manually type in as many previews as I remember seeing before the film.

.... oh. I see. This isn't really about the movie itself, but how much interest it generated in yet other films. I realize they could be using that as an indicator if you actually saw the film, but I don't actually remember what previews I saw. I already have movie release schedules in my phone for the next few months so I didn't pay all that much attention.

Never mind. *closes tab and deletes email*
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