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Feeling like a pariah for getting sick

I hate getting sick. I feel like a pariah.

This morning I woke up with a mild to moderate sore throat and a little more mucus than normal. The sore throat has persisted and the mucus has stayed about the same (barely noticeable, yet noticeable none-the-less). I've been drinking Green Tea with Lemon and sucking on Chewable Vitamin C almost constantly (my mouth is going to hate me pretty soon).

I was supposed to hang out with friends this evening. I feel fine otherwise, yet the anxiety of potentially getting them sick and exposing their baby daughter to whatever I have before knowing how serious it is is wearing on me. I've let them know I won't be joining them this evening. I was also supposed to babysit for them tomorrow night so they could have some time together, but if I wake up with it the same or any worse tomorrow then that probably won't happen. I feel terrible for potentially ruining their evening plans.
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