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First day out

This morning I had a bowl of fruit, a raspberry danish, and some fresh orange juice. I ate most of the fruit, nibbled on the danish, and gulped down a third of the orange juice. I needed something in my stomach to keep me going but didn't have time or the stomach for much more.

I had a bellhop (oops, I forgot to tip him, ugh; good looking guy too) help me with my luggage (the folding bike and a brand new Swiss suitcase). I've been fretting that the suitcase would be overweight (what with 12 shirts, 6 pants, 12 boxers, 15 socks, an emergency travel blanket/pillow, plus other misc items for daily use) and I would have to pay even more, but it was just under 45 lbs. The problematic item was the folding bicycle; big, bulky, and the bag is as good as broken. The zipper isn't zipping and the bag just doesn't seem to fit the bike right so it doesn't stay closed. The lady had me sign a non-liability agreement for inadequate packaging then provided some tape to help keep it closed and hopefully in one piece. I'm going to see if I can find a good bike shop with smaller, lighter, and more compact bikes and shell out the dough for the extra quality.

I barely made it onto my flight in time. It was approximately 7:20 when I got to the gate, they closed the door after I got into the walkway, and the plane pushed back at 7:35 (after a minor hardware inspection delay at 7:27). I suspect the bags will be delayed.

It's now 8:22 and we've been served our drinks (water for me, thanks; my stomach is starting to calm down now but nothing to fancy just yet). The fruit, cheese, and bagel meal sounded appealing (what is it with fruit, cheese, and meat meals that attracts me so? Every time I read about them in fantasy books I think "I wish I had that").
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