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Anime Boston Convention Update

I have about 45 30 minutes until my next activity. I'm using this time to recharge the netbook some and recuperate a little. I'm next a corner a little ways off from all the main action on the second floor.

So far I've attended "Steampunk to Cyberpunk" and "Swordsmanship Around The World" and watched "Gundam Unicorn". Up next is "After Cowboy Bebop" at 5:30, then slipping into the second half of "Web Comics to Publishing Part 1" at 6:30, followed by "Part 2" at 7, "Independent Video Games" at 8, and finally "Androgyny/Homosexuality In Japanese Culture" at 9.

I'll have to leave the last one at 9:30 to make sure I get to the T subway/train on time in order to catch the last Commuter Rail back to Bridgewater, MA on time.

Saturday's activities are limited to a couple of panels in the late morning (possibly including dance lessons, ooo) and a couple in the early evening. The rest will probably be filled with whatever anime videos are playing.

Sunday may not have anything I want to attend, although the anime videos may be on the agenda again to fill up the morning and afternoon until the closing ceremonies at 3 or 4.
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