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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Fruit, Cheese, Lunch, Rain, Fox Whistling; Back to work
  • Fruit cups and bowls are becoming a staple in my diet. I'll get one at pretty much any cafe I visit if they have them available.
  • Cheese trays are also becoming a staple too. That's one of the items I bought on the train Tuesday.
  • I had lunch with mei_neh today. He helped me figure out what to start doing with my relationship life. Back on track, as it were.
  • The chance of rain here in DC goes from 30% to 60% between 6 and 7pm. I have my Netbook with me so I'll need to get closer to a Metro station before it looks like rain.
  • ... Oh, never mind. There's one a block and a half north of here. *face-palm*
  • I'm tempted to start doing fox whistles as cute guys pass by. Maybe get a score card and hold it up. :-P
  • Earlier today there were three guys blocking a path as I was trying to bike around them. Again, tempted to fox whistle to get there attention then peddle madly away. :-P I know, I'm horrible. XD

Alrighty, back to work for a couple of hours before dinner with legalmoose. We just decided to have Sushi. :-)

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Current Music: "You Can Still Be Free" by "Savage Garden" on "Affirmation"

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