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Traveling Plans, what's next

We've decided to try to keep my stay in DC on this side of two weeks. Tuesday night will be the one week mark so I'm figuring on leaving Thursday or Friday, if possible. I don't need to be in Troy Michigan for Penguicon until the 30th so I have a couple of weeks to play around with. I'm now looking at places to head out to next, which mostly entails figuring out where I can find a place to stay and who I can meet where.

It will be easier to get to Toronto from over here, so that will probably be one of my next stops. I keep getting told to visit New York City so I'm trying to find a contact there. And I may be visiting Boston again for personal reasons on the weekend of the 23rd. All that before Penguicon the weekend of the 30th.

After that I'll probably hit up Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and finally San Francisco for Google I/O in May.

Since there won't be anything else going on for a few months after Google I/O in May I'm going to look at a week or two cruise. Even after that there will still be plenty of time between then and Dragon*Con in September so I'm thinking a short-term rental for two or three of months in a nice city would be a good filler for the summer months. Where is still up in the air, but we'll see when it's time.
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