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Taxes; Roth IRA; Toronto CouchSurfing; friend content; Long Live LiveJournal

Taxes have been finalized, as of two days ago. All the information had been entered as of two months ago; I just had to review it all again and confirm everything. Once again I owed almost 400$.

I also initiated the creation of a Roth IRA at the same time. As of this morning I have finalized the funding of it to the maximum for the 2009 tax year. My goal is to do that again for the 2010 tax year. Crazy, I know. They're going to help me figure out my investment plan over the next few days or weeks.

I'm still looking for a CS host in Toronto. Three of my four initial requests have been unavailable due to scheduling conflicts with other things. I'm going to send out a few more requests this evening.

In regard to blog/facebook/twitter friends, I don't mind if someone doesn't post anything. I don't even mind if they only post personal or emo posts (to an extent). But if the only thing they post is product endorsements or statements of "I'm using this product!" (twitter/facebook posts generated by the app they're using) and almost never say anything else then I probably won't subscribe to their feeds, journals, twitter, facebook, etc for long. Just saying. (And no, no one on LiveJournal was doing that).

As for LiveJournal, it may be a dying breed but I'll be here until the day they pull the plug. It serves its purpose for me as a personal journal so I see no reason to abandon it. I may consider cross-linking content but it will still be my primary posting point. And since it provides an RSS feed (unlike certain other social networks...) anyone is free to subscribe, and with OpenID (Google/GMail, LJ, etc) anyone can comment too.
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