Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Freezing Cold; Scary Impression?

OH MY GOSH IT'S COLD!!! And this is just Toledo, Ohio!

I got from the train to the bus in all of 5 minutes and started to shiver horribly. While waiting for the bus to start loading I pulled out my thicker coat and just pulled it on over my lighter one rather than take it off first.

There is no way I'd survive all year in Michigan. *shivers at the thought* Oh, maybe I could if I stayed next to a space heat at all times and bought much warmer jackets, caps, ear muffs, pants, and shoes. *shivers again*

... What in the world?? The bus is almost full and a guy who was sitting across the aisle from me on the train got on. He got all the way back to my row (3/4 of the way into the bus), was just about to sit down in the seat next to me, then turned and walked all the way back to the front for a seat up there. It's like people are scared to sit next to me?!? o.O

I may try starting a conversation with them but it's not like I'm going to feel them up.
Tags: guys, travel, vacation
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