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Choosing sessions at Penguicon

I need a time repeat device, like in Harry Potter. Or a time machine like in Leo Frankowski's books.

At noon (an hour from now) there is a session for "Basic Swordsmanship Class" that runs for 2h 50m.
Or I can go to "Open Source Flash Game Engines" at noon for 50m, and "Scaling from Zero to Twenty Five Million Page Views -- in 6 Weeks" at 1pm for 50m, and "Open Source 3D Printer Demo" for 50m at 2pm.
Or I can skip one or several of them to see if I can get into a game of Dominion or any other game.

I'm definitely going to "Open Source 3D Printer Demo" at 2pm. No question there. It's an interesting technology I would like to see in action. It may be the closest thing we get to a matter replicator in this lifetime.

I'll be tempted to skip "Basic Swordsmanship Class" if it's being run by the same person that ran "Principles of Self Defense". I agree that it's good to know at least some self-defense, to be aware of the environment, and the psychological forces behind why predators choose their victims (to help lessen the chance of being the victim). On the other hand, what I disagree with is the way he used much of that same psychology on his class to instill fear in them of becoming a victim, that any random person out there is likely to randomly attack them, or essentially that they need his course to make it through the next year of your life. Yes, that is the impression he gave me of his teaching method, at least to that particular one basic introductory session.

Decisions, decisions.
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