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Possibilities: Train Travels

My plans after Google I/O on May 19th & 20th are a bit up in the air. There is a Maker Faire on May 22nd & 23rd in the Bay area I could stick around for. But after that?

There is an Amtrak train that goes from Los Angeles to New Orleans. It's the perfect excuse to go all the way to Louisiana just so I can get some authentic Jambalaya (and say hello to family...).

It also stops in Tucson, San Antonio, Houston, and Lafayette, if I wanted to stay a day or few there.

From New Orleans I can then head up to Memphis (right up to Newbern, even) to say hello to more family again.

Then up and over to Indiana where I've gotten offer to be around June 13th or so.

And down to Cincinnati for a few around June 19th.

So much for staying put for a couple of months?
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