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Rules to socially acceptable socializing

I am discovering that I simply don't have time to play it safe or wait and see. I'm in one place for only so long and there isn't time for things to develop "naturally". I'm learning to pursue what I want and hope for the best. Be bold, be unusual, and most of all I'm not following the accepted social norms for socializing. I'm still learning, though.

I need a sign that says something like "Care to chat? Interrupt me!" or another way to indicate such. I may be sitting in a coffee house on my laptop typing away, but if someone sat down in the chair across the table I'd stop to chat with them, no problem. Yet generally the idea of just sitting down next to someone and start a conversation with them is frowned on. Why is that? Are most humans so shy, or think everyone else is too? That they would be offended? Quite possibly. I know that's why I haven't done it already. That and I figure they would be offended if they knew the reason I wanted to start a conversation with them was as selfish as I think they're cute and would like to get to know them. Maybe that's not really selfish.
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