Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Traveling with Luggage

I've swtiched my large suitcase for a backpacking pack. I've also lightened the load by a couple of days as well, plus any extras I've acquired since starting my travels. I'm now only carrying 8 to 10 days of cloths instead of approximately 14 and travel blanket/pillow. I've mailed the suitcase and extras to divaprime until I'm ready to settle down again.

It's official, by the way. I'm taking a plane out of San Francisco on May 24th back to Chicago where I'll find a temporary place to rent for a month or so. There are a number of reasons why, one being that half of the second major leg of my travels was a no-go, difficult to get travel arrangements (or expensive), or not firm enough to commit to. Another reason is that I've had very little luck getting random strangers to socialize and it has taken a toll on my energy, so I need some time in one place to recoup before heading out again. And there's other, more selfish, reasons to stay in Chicago for a while. ;-)

Chicago is also close enough that I could still take a multi-day trip and meet up in Indianapolis to do some sightseeing, so it works out for now.
Tags: travel, vacation
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