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Wish List Version 2.1

Additions to the Wish List Version 2 (all on the version 2 list still apply)

  • "Star Trek: The Next Generation" DVDs
    I love this show. I actually love all Star Trek except the original 60's show.
  • "Star Trek: Voyager" DVDs
    Yep yep, this is another good show in the Star Trek universe.
  • DVD Player
    For all the series' I plan on getting, I might as well get something to watch them on TV instead of just computer.
  • "Star Gate: SG-1" DVDs
    This is another of those good Sci-Fi shows I want my hands on. ^^
  • "Star Trek: Enterprise" DVDs
    Despite still being a new show, I'd like to get the series as it comes out on DVD.
  • Sister Act I & II DVD/VHS
    These, are some Dang Good movies, starring Whoopi Goldberg. I highly recommend them.
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