Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Voice Post

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“Hello LiveJournal. I haven't one of these voice calls in ages and if the records probably shows anything probably a year or more.

So I'm in Chicago again. I got settled up with the stay up for a few weeks and then I'm just heading over here to the post office to mail Suzanne Dennis a Orca card back and I also owe my sister's husband the keys for his bike lock back so he can actually use it instead of keep it wrapped on the bike on which I've been meaning just have sent off for like 2 weeks now. My apologies.

Anyway, I don't really have much else to talk about this moment. I finally unwound for a moment and relax and not really intending to do too much. Have a couple of things here and there over the weeks but we're all just pretty much free schedule for the next 2 months maybe 3. Couple of events here and there for one weekend here for Atlanta another weekend for about another one for you there and that's about it. Indianapolis is in 2 weeks for meeting up with Asa and folks but for once I actually have a choice of what to do with that helps that I'm at least a mile away from of course this public transit spots so I have more choices or maybe at Smith on more maybe more focus on what I'm actually doing like now. I think I'm gonna sign off until I can actually think it's something to talk about and just right there endlessly. See ya.”

Transcribed by: zimzat
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