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Mini Status Updates

A bunch of mini status updates. Nothing unusual there.

  • I've started using foursquare to track where I go exploring in each city. No, I will not be cross-posting that to Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else. Anyone is welcome to friend me there, though.
  • I've also started using Latitude, although I'm very selective about who I friend there.
  • I miss my motorcycle. :-(
  • This homeless guy keeps walking back and forth in front of the coffee shop I'm people watching at.
  • I haven't seen or talked to the landlord family downstairs since I got here two evenings ago. Should I be concerned or attempt to socialize with them? Offer to cook food? These are the questions I ponder.
  • Most of the movies I want to see are no longer in theaters. I'd have to make early day trips into unusual parts of town to see them in a theater now.
  • I was going to see the Prince of Persia movie tonight, but it was only 6pm and I was already tired with 6 hours to go until movie; I returned home to relax and get distracted by a dozen other things.
  • When I was in Seattle I heard this poem before the Poetry Slam.
  • My next scheduled event is Sunday afternoon, a BBQ/etc a couple of hours north of here for Memorial Day. Two days of anything I want (and there is quite a bit I want, heh).

Umm, that's enough for now. Either I'll never get this posted or the list will be way too long. I'm getting distracted by so many things.

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