Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Extinct Whites, Birthing Muslims, Forcing Sharia Law; Counteracting

While I was in Indianapolis I was exposed to someone who believes that Whites are going extinct, Muslims are going to maximum rate birthing as a way to enact Sharia law, and that the only way to counteract it is for Whites (more specifically, women) to start having tons of kids (again).

I've been thinking a little about the Sharia law concern, and I've come to realize that the only way to counteract it, short of genocide or birthing tons of alternately minded kids (which seems barbaric and like the wrong reason to be having a kid), is to enact a sound-proof system of law, which can't be removed by a simple majority, that respects the general rights of every individual. It's the very thing America's laws were supposed to be founded on. Except we can't really do that so long as Christians and any other religious group is trying to make their specific way the only way. Short of that we may end up in yet another Crusade-era period while some sort of reform goes on in the religion to the point it becomes reasoned, if ever.

Of course that could just be my naive view.
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