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Changing Careers: Developer to Steward?

After being in Chicago for a month I'm now in Seattle again for about three or so weeks (maybe a little longer). I've been giving a little thought to where I want to go next or what I want to do. I want to do something that will give me the freedom to go places and do things. There are people I want to see who are in Chicago, Atlanta, Tennessee, Seattle, San Francisco, DC, Las Vegas, and possibly other places. The biggest hurdle to doing that would be the cost of travel, especially as frequently as I would.

I could get a really good paying programming job, but that would still probably tie me down somewhere and make it hard to just up and travel. I could hope for a remote job, although I haven't heard of too many positions that allow that kind of thing. I'm still interested in programming, but the interest is somewhat less than normal. I think I'm still burnt out on the idea of programming.

I then got to thinking about what jobs are closest to airlines and would give travel benefits, which pointed me toward flight attendants or possibly another positions with airlines that give work time flexibility and a discount to flying. The requirements to become a flight attendant are extremely low, although I hear the number of applicants makes it fairly difficult. One website I checked out said that airlines tend to prefer people that have had customer service experience before, whereas my last (and only real) job was a programmer. I had some client experience there, although not nearly as much as someone working directly with customers. This could still be a possibility, though.
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