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Mass Update, Bullet-point Style

  • I said the wrong words yesterday. I was thinking on the fly, reaching for words to express my intention, and said "unless you're willing to let him go". I meant to say something more along the line of "unless you're willing to share him", but the context makes it sound like all kinds of wrong now.
  • Last night I ate dinner at Broadway Grill (They had something that looked kind of like 'home style food'). My waiter was a visually pleasant red head. ;-) I left a compliment on the customer copy of the receipt "I like your red hair. :) I hope you have a good weekend!". I did not add my number, though, deciding to leave it at that.
  • I've extended my stay in Seattle for two additional weeks, a total of five weeks. That will bring me close to the end of July, at which time additional plans are beginning to form finally.
  • Yesterday a few housemates and I watched the Naked Bikers go by on Broadway. The turnout for bikers was extremely low so it was a bit of a disappointment, yet still amusing.
  • I did a bit of work around the house recently. Dishes were loaded and pots and plastics washed. I also swept the stairs clean for a side yard area so I can sit out there in the shade of several trees. No direct sunlight in the evening and no smell of lingering smoke nearby (prolonged smell really agitates my throat and nose).
  • I'm really missing my motorcycle right now. I've started considering the possibility of getting saddle/seat bags for it since I've compacted my luggage quite a bit a couple of months ago. Could be fun if they have good ones somewhere.
  • Still making plans for visit Las Vegas for a couple of weeks in August.
  • I've been reading Mercedes Lackey's The Five Hundred Kingdom series. It's really fun, although I'm disappointed she hasn't managed to introduce any actually gay or lesbian characters, yet her descriptions of some of the sex scenes has been very heavy (Oh, my... haha). Oh well. *shrug*
  • My main three activities lately are reading The Five Hundred Kingdom series (now on the fourth book), watching Bones (fourth season, episode ten or so), and playing FF-XIII (finally 'finished' Batman: Arkham Asylum but put off Fable II).
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