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Latest 'To Do' Done list; Plus other stuff

I haven't updated in a few days, but at least it's not for a lack of doing stuff.
  • Cleaned the bathroom floor and floor trimmings (yay, they look so much better now)
  • Washed all of my clothes (and bedsheets, for getting fruit juices on them)
  • Dusted the movie/game bookshelves and helped pdmorehouse catalog movie collection (still lots of dust unsettled)
  • Bought crunchy peanut butter, grape jelly, and wheat bread because someone teased me with theirs.
  • Played more Fable II. I'm pretty much at the end-game, but am buying the last few major properties so they'll crown me King. hahaha.
    • I may do another run through, except I'll be brandishing my weapon at the mobs that follow me into stairwells and constantly beg me to give them a ring so we can get married.
  • I've also been playing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. I was able to get it for under 10$ with a couple of coupons.
    • I've gotten many of them right on the first try, and a few after using two or three hints, but it's the puzzles that take several tries and the equivalent of a face-palm slap or "Ugh! I hate you!".
    • Some of them really have been too ambiguous about their wording too, but thankfully few or I'd be pulling out my hair.
That's the highlights, anyway. I still haven't looked up travel plans for after I leave Seattle before I visit Las Vegas. That's something I really do have to get done today or tomorrow. I also have to look into a new source of income before it's too late. At least I'm starting to get back into the hang of doing productive stuff.
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