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Las Vegas and Beyond

I've been able to find new arrangements for my stay in Las Vegas. I have the best friends I could ever ask for, and I consider myself very lucky for it. :-)

I've done a little more planning for the motorcycle trip after Vegas. If I were to take my motorcycle from Las Vegas to Atlanta, it would take approximately 8 days (less if I cut out a couple of stops). Some days would be fairly easy and short (4 hours) between planned stops, while a couple would be fairly long (8 to 9 hours).

My motorcycle holds 4.8 gallons (estimate 4.3 gallons per refueling) and gets approximately 40 miles to the gallon (36 in the city, 42 on the highway). With the trip being around 2900 miles I'll have to refuel ~17 times but the cost in gas will be less than 200$.

This will take some more thinking and thought, but I think it'll be doable. I just have quite a few contacts and possibly CouchSurfing requests to make between now and then. More on all that later.
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