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Motorcycle down for the count

Well, the motorcycle trip is a no-go. I still have to figure out a couple of things, but they're unlikely to change the facts.

The tow was 70$.
The hour of diagnosis was 100$.

The main fix would be 450$ (4.5 hours of labor),
plus possibly another 50$ for parts.

There may be a secondary fix (minor servicing) to get the rest of it up to date for another 250$.
(2 hours of labor and 50$ in parts)

I might have been willing to do just the main repair labor, maybe even parts, but with what I'm already putting out and with the possibility of the minor servicing, it's way more than I'm comfortable with with my current funds level.

I'm getting them to fax me a list of exactly what they want to do to the bike. Once I get that I'm either going to see what they would buy it for, or I'll post an ad on CraigsList for it to see what I can get out of it.

Assuming the motorcycle is out, my options from here are to fly to Atlanta, or skip Atlanta and start looking for a job right now. In the mean time this puts a major kink into my ability to see people and do things while I'm in Vegas. I was not expecting that.

I'm going to find a game to immerse myself in until I'm ready to face facts and let this major upset of plans go.
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