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Simply Amazing

Work was amazing today! ^_^

It was an extremely slow day, so we had a lot of time to chat. I talked quite a bit with this other girl who's in college and to a [Asian] guy named Frankie. We discussed some things about this and that. Then, during my break and while I was waiting for my ride to get home (let off early because of slow day) I had a nice long talk with a guy named Andrew. He seems Very nice. ... I wonder if he's gay.

So anyway, I switched times with Frankie this Sunday so I'll work the Satellite A concession stand all by myself. Tomorrow (err... today) I'm going to see about switching times with Curly for Saturday so I can spend some time with a guy named Tyler in Satellite B.

All this socializing is simply Amazing. I'm loving every bit of it!

Oh, that reminds me, I got a ton (compared to how much I've been getting) of writing done today before work started and while on break. I got about 5 pages of hand written pages done for Chapter 2. Now to finish 1 so I can publish them both. Keep tuned.

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