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Motorcycle Trip: Day 3, a wrap-up

Before someone thinks I've fallen off the edge of the world (that would be bad) I want to make a post from Day 3 (even though it's now Day 4).

I made it to my mid-way point to Kansas City, MO: Quinter, KS. Once again a timezone change snuck up on me and got me here an hour later than I thought I would; otherwise I would have been right on time for once. ... Oh well. I've checked the timezone map ahead of time now and know there won't be another change until I head for Cincinnati.

It is a really small little town, although it seems to support a few dozen people. I happened to pass in front of a house (as I went too far and ended up in the housing part of town well past the motel) in which there were even some young people, one of which was on a dirt/street bike. Every time I see a little place with a number of people in it it amazes me a little. That all these people are together, as a community and their own economic environment, even though they're hours and hours away from the closest major city.

PS: Kansas has speed limits that are nearly archaic. Only 70 mph. Colorado, Wyoming, & Utah at least had 75 mph. Utah also had a couple of 'speed limit test' stretches of 80 mph, but the funny thing about those is there were cops pulling people over a mile or two after each 'test' segment. *rolls eyes*

Note to self: As soon as it's financially feasible learn to fly then find something that goes at least 2x as fast as land vehicles are limited to.
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