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Motorcycle Trip: Pre-Day 5

I woke up at 8am; it's now 9am (started waking up earlier when the sun pierced through the window in front of my face; moved a couple of pillows to block it). I've done everything I can think of doing off-hand. Read recent feed entries. Replied to recent LJ comments. Took care of a few other recent emails in my inbox (which is now empty again... oh wait, response to a FB message; never mind). Listening to classical music (it's the current thing for me). Waiting to get a shower so I/we can get some breakfast before I head out.

St Louis is only a 4 hour drive (by Google Maps' standards) and my host there won't be home from work until 5:30pm, so I'm taking my time about leaving and getting there. I figure I'll leave by 11am, take plenty of breaks, etc. I was hoping to meet up with greypaw while I was in town but I haven't gotten a response to an email from a couple of days ago. We haven't kept in touch in years, though, so I can't say I'm surprised. *shrug* Oh well.

The drive to Cincinnati from St Louis is going to be the interesting one, as that includes a timezone change. It's a 6 hour drive, plus one hour for the timezone. If I want to be there at 6pm then I'll have to leave by 9am (6 hour drive, 1 hour timezone, 2 hour break).

Hmm... Bored now.
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