Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Motorcycle Trip: Day 6

I have successfully made it to Cincinnati. I actually got here 40 minutes early, despite the timezone change. Let's see if I can do a repeat tomorrow while leaving about the same time. The drive time, according to Google Maps, is only about 30 to 45 minutes longer, and I won't be facing a timezone change this time. Perfect.

On the other hand my butt is killing me still, as it hasn't managed to rest long enough again. My regenerative powers have failed me finally, as I usually bounce back from sore and stiffness fairly quickly (which I did the first few days of being sore). Oh well, tomorrow is the last big leg of the trip. Day 8 (last day) will only be a couple of hours drive time.

Going to watch a movie or something and hit the hay (or at least I will; romeohotel will probably be up until all hours of the night. :-P)
Tags: motorcycle, travel

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