Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Motorcycle Trip: Day 7, flat tire

I now have first-hand experience of what happens when a motorcycle gets a front flat tire: It's almost impossible to turn the bike by balance, and in my case it wanted to pull to the right (like a misaligned car when you take your hand off the wheel).

The import motorcycle shops up the road are closed on Sunday. The Harley-Davidson shop is helping me get it towed at least to them. They may have a tire that is close to the right size so we'll see once the bike is back at the shop. Otherwise I'll be spending the night here and getting a new tire tomorrow.

No mention of cost has been mentioned yet. I know that's not a good way to get started, but... *crosses fingers*

We'll see soon. This is putting me behind schedule a bit, but at least I'm still alive at this point. I'll accept that compromise.
Tags: motorcycle, travel
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