Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Motorcycle Trip: Day 7, replacing the flat

While Harley-Davidson didn't have an exact match for the front tire of my motorcycle, someone here knew someone from one of the import shops and was able to get it today. They're putting it on now, estimating 1 hour of labor. The tire was about 165$ and the labor here is only 70$ an hour. I didn't see what the charge was for picking up the bike so maybe they're not charging for it since they're also doing work on it (that would be a first, but it'd be real nice).

Assuming I get back on the road before 5pm and nothing else goes wrong then I should be at my destination by 9pm.

I'll need to switch out my visor to the clear one around 7:30pm. I've had it since I left Vegas but I figured I wouldn't be making use of it until I used the motorcycle in Atlanta. I could have on the way to Boulder, but just up'ed the visor and got bugs splattering my glasses instead. The motorcycle, pannier bags, and helmet have quite a few battle scares where they've won over the bugs. I've even killed my fair share of butterflies the last couple of days. A few days before that I even got stoned on the road a few times (one got me right on the tip of the left index finger, owwwwww). :-P
Tags: motorcycle, travel
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