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"Home Sweet Home"?

The words "Make yourself at home" are becoming a little dangerous to me. Day after day I unpack my stuff, then pack it back up until I get to my next destination. It gets very tiring, and I'm ready to not have to do it anymore. I still want to travel, but I tire of limiting myself to only what I can carry in my backpack or motorcycle panniers. The panniers aren't exactly the easiest things to get stuff in or out of, either.

If I had an RV then I wouldn't have to "unpack" and "pack", as it would all be there in the right place all the time, and it would always be with me. But I know I can't afford the investment an RV would require.

If I really need funds I could withdraw from the Roth IRA that I put the maximum allowed in earlier this year. Which, by the way, they have never gotten back to me on actually investing it into something rather than just gain like 0.1% interest as if it were the cheapest savings account out there. I really do need to hound them about putting it into some sort of portfolio as soon as I get stabilized again.

So, today I head to Atlanta where I'll be staying with Kyle. This weekend I'll be attending Dragon*Con. After that? It's very tempting to lay low for a while. Find an easy job. And go wherever the wind blows.
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