Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Dragon*Con 2010: Pre-Reg Annoyances (dark ages)

I'm already getting a little disenchanted with Dragon*Con.

I got going later than expected because I entered the schedule using the wrong timezone then had to export the calendar, run a manual data correction script, then re-upload it. I also walked the full distance (2+ miles); tomorrow I'll be taking the motorcycle in. There is a major lack of signs for "registration this way" or "Sheraton this way" and it's further from the rest.

It took two hours standing around 2 sides of a block of the Sheraton hotel to get my badge, all the while the on-site reg line was almost non-existent. The way they did it was as if we're still in the dark ages with stone tablets.

Attendees had to wait in line before being re-sorted according to first letter of last name. Once they got to the front they had to find their name in a huge book while the volunteer did the same for their label and checked photo id. The volunteer would then stick the label on a badge and the attendee would grab a scheduling book. No handy bag, no neck string for the badge, no auto-lookup, no barcode lookup, etc. A very manual process. Even Penguicon & Boston Anime (we'll leave out Google I/O since the price is like 10x and they definitely ate costs on that one) had smoother pre-reg badge pickup processes.

I'm about to attend my first session at 8:30pm, about space junk. Could be interesting. I'm starting to get exciting again.
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