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Happenings w/Work

After working my shift change Sunday, management and I were able to come to a compromise that works for me. I'll go ahead and finish up my last two days of main concession work this week and afterwords I'll only be working in Satelite Concession, Game Room, Java Wally's, or Box Office. I may end up with a Usher spot a few times but... hopefully not. It is my understanding that Ushers are considered to have the easy and cheap jobs in the theater. So basicly I won't be working Main Concessions anymore and then they'll get someone consistant to work satelites for them since most people Don't want to work there, on account that it is in the wings and you don't get to socialize with anyone because you're usually the only worker.

This means I'm likely to have more off days during the week (satelite is only open Fri/Sat/Sun) to work on the PDI site and, for those of you just waiting to get your eyes on some of my writing, more free time during work to write. Oh, sure, we're not Supposed to bring any personal items behind the counter with us but when you have a relax period of an hour and you've already cleaned and filled everything then of course I'm going to pick up a pen and start writing.

meh, gotta get ready for work again. I work 12 to 8 today.

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