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Dreams: Some I can do without; repeating

There are some dreams I could do without, especially when the type of dream repeats two mornings in a row. Not as the primary all-night dream, at least, but the one that occurs after I try to get back to sleep after waking up once.

This morning one of the more vivid parts of the dream is when three wolves try attacking me around the corner of a wall. I quickly gut the first two and do the same to the third, but it's still attacking me after I've stabbed it a few more times. I even go to the length of stabbing it under the mouth up toward the brain, and yet it is still trying to reach its' aft claws forward to claw and push me away (Hey, you're the one trying to attack me, bub). Somehow I now seem to 'know' this is a 'lead' wolf.

It also seems someone flipped the PG-13 switch in my brain, as there was no blood.

The common element between these two dreams was a role-playing-ish theme, and being attacked by one creature or another (I think it was wolves both mornings, but I can't remember yesterday's dream quite as clearly) in very similar settings.
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