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Informative Reads: Talent; G1 vs G2; Apple on Web Standards; Student Loans

Here are some of the other things I stumbled across or finally got around to reading yesterday and today.

RailTips: I Have No Talent It's not about being talented (okay, maybe just a little). It's about experience and exposure to new ideas.

T-Mobile G2 versus T-Mobile G1 51% faster, 21x internal memory, larger screen. The rest is just icing. (except one less row on the keyboard)

intellectual honesty and html5 Apple claims it supports HTML5 and open web standards, but their demo requires you to use Safari.

Student Loans Make Education Affordable, Or do they? Student Loans set to be the next big bubble just waiting to pop, surpassing credit card debt. Key point? No protections for the borrower. (Thanks to Asa Ayers [] for pointing this out on another blog entry)
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