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Job Search Update: Phone Interview; Detailed Responses

This morning the first phone interview has been scheduled for this Thursday at 10am. I just got a call from another recruiter for the same company as the phone interview has been scheduled with (already exclusively represented by the first one, though). Amusing.

Last night I got a very detailed response to one of the resumes I sent out only a few hours earlier in the evening. I'm working on a detailed response to their questions now.

I've set up feeds for several Craigslist and Stack Overflow searches for Telecommute and in Atlanta, Seattle, Washington DC, and even Tucson (Monster doesn't have automated feeds for job searches). I've been expanding my searches to places I already know some people at. I've gone through slightly older job listings and started firing off my resume with a targeted email body (cover letter) for the position advertised. Things aren't progressing as fast as I would like, but they're progressing. I now expect to have at least one solid job offer by the end of the month.
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