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More videos from Google I/O 2010; Days of Yore, Visual Basic

Google I/O 2010 - How to lose friends and alienate people: The joys of engineering leadership (1 hour)
As an Engineer (developer) turned Manager (lead) these are very good things to keep in mind. They talk about Anti-patterns of leadership, and then discuss patterns to good leadership. At the end they also discuss what a developer can do to help out their lead be a better lead.

Google I/O 2010 - Beyond design: Creating positive user experiences (1 hour)
Don't be fooled; when it says "Beyond design" it means exactly that. It goes beyond simple design and to more human aspects of creating positive user experiences. For anyone creating or in charge of a project these are very good things to keep in mind.

My days of yore call to me. While checking out the release dates of Visual Basic versions I stumbled on Gambas, a linux programming environment similar to, but not a clone of, Visual Basic. Tempting... very tempting.
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