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CLEAR: You may be throttled if you watch too much Netflix

We've discovered that watching too many Netflix movies and TV series at a time is a very good way to get your internet speed throttled without realizing it, and without warning. Kyle has Clear's WiMax internet which worked fairly well at first. The only problem is that I watched a few too many in one day or over a period, which has resulted in his internet speed being throttled down to 0.25 MBit/s down (while the up is 0.5 MBit/s).

For the month of September I've watched approximately 55 hours on Netflix Watch Now, an average of approximately 2.4 hours per day for 23 days. Albeit I wasn't quite that consistent, but still. I haven't done any major watching since the 23rd, with only one series episode on the 25th, yet the speed is still that slow right now. It seemed like it sped up to 2 or 3 MBit/s a couple of mornings ago but that didn't last.

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