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Job Search Update (Final): Start Date; Turning It Down; Housing

Note: This was originally written on Thursday, 2010-10-07.

I accepted the job at LexisNexis (although technically I'll be working for them through Thompson Technologies, but let's not split hairs). The background check finally came back yesterday morning and I start tomorrow, Friday. I'm a little excited. Ready to find out more and dive into the project.

After reviewing the code for the freelance gig I ended up turning it down. The existing code for the feature I was going to work on was pretty bad, but the framework the original developer custom-built for the entire thing went places I have no desire to revisit. No autoloading, mostly static methods on classes, the invention of some new-fangled session variable management system to remove 'outdated' variables that didn't take into account edge cases (AJAX calls, multiple tabs, etc), variables and functions named 'thing', and others. I ended up telling him it was a framework I wasn't willing to work with.

I also found a place to stay relatively toward the new job. It's still a 1.2 mile walk/drive to the nearest MARTA station, then an approximately 25 minute bus ride right outside the job. The plus side of this roommate is that there is no chance I'll be secretly (or otherwise) crushing on him.

When I called some apartment complexes closer to the job and on the same MARTA bus line that services the work place they said they had some available for only 650$/month with a 75$ deposit. After I got going very early in the morning and stopped by the office then they told me about the 250$ "application fee" which "is used to get the apartment ready for you", and the security deposit can go up to a full month of rent if your credit isn't good, and that the apartment I heard about wasn't actually ready yet (and wouldn't be until the end of the month) so they only had one 100$/month more expensive.

So now that that's settled I'm out of Kyle's house and getting things set up again at the new place. Mostly that just involves buying a few essentials (toilet paper, for one, (already acquired) and a shower curtain (still outstanding)) and recovering from ... something. Symptoms are painful to swallow (but otherwise doesn't really hurt) and just yesterday and today a little mucus in the throat and nose. It's a little better today, so I'm going to continue the chicken soup and orange juice treatment.

Other than that I've been watching more Danny Phantom and am on the second season now.
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