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Pride Parades; Rambling (Out, shopping, washing, & parties); Budgeting; Spam

Sorry gays, I have no interest in going to the parade today. I thought I might have earlier this morning, even setting an alarm to remind me when I should start getting ready, but a few hours later and... nothing. If anything I desire not to stand around for several hours, watch people go by, be watched, and ... just stand there in a swarm of strangers. I still have several hundred pictures from the Seattle parade I went to with pdmorehouse and friends.

I do still need to get out of the apartment, though. I need to get more food, some cash for the work cafeteria, and polo shirts to get through the week. I'll have to drag all my laundry to a laundry mat again next weekend. The week after that I'm very tempted to spend a chunk of my first paycheck on a washer and dryer. I won't be able to make it to andrewshead's birthday party that weekend, unfortunately, as I don't get paid until the day before and it's up towards Washington DC.

I've gone through all my reoccurring payments and put them into a budget. At first the number looked huge, then I did the math for how much I would be making and realized the expenses (food, utilities, rent, etc all included) are only half of what I'm making. Then I realized I had included the restocking of my emergency fund as well as the retirement fund payments in that "expenses" number so my actual expenses are considerably less. Things will be tight for the first month or so, but after November my finances will have some breathing room again.

My email has exploded with spam this weekend. Very unusual. I've set my phone's check time back to 30 minutes, from 15 minutes.
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