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Work Week #1 In Review

Yesterday marked the end of my first full week of work.

It has been a good week with several opportunities for me to help out and apply my trade. My boss was out on Wednesday and Thursday, but when she got back in the office on Friday she mentioned that she had gotten several accolades from people in the project for contributions I had made. Sounds like I'm off to a good start with the coworkers and management so far.

I've learned not to even try setting up a PHP/Apache/MySQL development environment under Windows. I'm still waiting for a secondary computer to load just Linux, but in the mean time I can't just wait so I've install Ubuntu 10.10 through Windows using the WUBI installer. Things are going much smoother now on the development front and have managed to get the application running locally now (in the process discovering a few issues that will need fixed).

I was given permission to put in some extra work over the weekend on a couple of specific projects. Given that right now I'm strapped for cash and could use the extra padding of my first paycheck next Friday I'll definitely be going in today and probably tomorrow as well. Right this moment, though, I'm at a laundromat so I'll have clean clothes.

On Monday we have a second PHP developer starting with my group as well. It will be interesting to meet this fellow and see how well we get along. If the personality of everyone else I've met at the company is any indication then I think we'll get along just fine. I look forward to seeing his reaction once he gets a good look at what we're working with. :-D
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