Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Motorcycle Issues on the rise

Looks like today is the day I call a mechanic to beat some sense into the motorcycle. I filled it up yesterday and now it's down to 2/5 bars. Leaked 2-3 gallons on the pavement and a trail of gas all the way to the transit station this morning. :( *sigh*

List of other problems to have looked into:
[ ] Axel Pin, Rear, Grooves Stripped (So I'm told)
[ ] Blinkers, Front Left & Right, Replaced
[ ] Brakes, Rear, No Response
[ ] Engine Knocking
[ ] Engine Temperature, Overheating (So I've been shown)
[ ] Gas Leak, Bottom Hose
[ ] Oil Leak, Check For

Yeah, it's a dozzy. Some of those should be really simply and straight-forward, while others may require some investigative work or notable labor.
Tags: motorcycle
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