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Motorcycle repairs, or not

The good news: I have my motorcycle back. It sounds like it's running smoother, and the right blinkers work again. I'm not sure about the rear brake, but I think that's at least helping out when I use the front one (doesn't appear to do anything when used by itself still).
The bad news: After 750$ it's still leaking gas like a sieve.

I didn't discover this until I put more gas in it, let it sit overnight, then went go home this morning. I had left it at 4/5 a tank, but when I left this morning it was at 2/5. I ran with that for 20 miles, half way through it went down to 1 out of 5 bars. I got another 5$ of gas just down the street and, yep, practically pouring out. If I go check it right now it will probably have stopped leaking but still have 2/5 bars left again, which will quickly go down to 1/5 within a few miles of driving it.

I'm going to call the guy back on Monday morning (tomorrow) and alert him that the gas is still leaking. I'll probably drive the bike back over there Tuesday or Wednesday after work and hopefully pick it up again this weekend. Or demand half my money back, as the thing that was supposed to fix the gas leak cost half of the repair cost.

We'll see.
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