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Card Fraud Prevention, or "Here we go again"

On Thursday evening I missed a call from my bank's fraud department wanting to verify some charges against my card. "Oh great, here we go again". I called the number on the back of my card and started trying to find the fraud department. After entering the combo just to get an operator, twice, the automated system said they were going to transfer me directly to the fraud department.

The first thing the automated system for the fraud department wanted me to do was say my card number and pin number. Oh great, let's hope no where near me is recording this, or even just listening in. Then it asks me to key in my card number, again. Fine, whatever. Finally it says it couldn't look up my information and will be transferring me to an agent. An agent answers almost immediately and the first thing they do is ask for my card number. Argh.

I pulled up my transaction history on their site at the same time he started preparing me to validate the last few transactions. Yep, everything in order. But they're going to cancel my card anyway, just as a security policy. Wait, what? After a few minutes of wrangling with him he finally let out (and I'm paraphrasing to my terms here) that transactions on my card match the pattern of other cards that are being used fraudulently, so they're going to cancel it anyway just to be on the safe side.

Ben and I stopped by the bank on Saturday afternoon to withdrawal the payment for the motorcycle repair and to get a temporary ATM card. But it wouldn't let them because my account was created in a different region (Washington Mutual) and hadn't been transfered over. He tried to transfer it first but the system wouldn't let him. I was able to get the cash out and I took a little more than necessary because I won't have a new card for another week or two.

The main downside is that I can't order anything online for a while, any payments in the mean time will fail, and I'll have to reset all my reoccurring payments again.

Oh well, again. At this rate I may not have a card that needs replaced due to expiring.
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