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Google Wave vs Google TV: Media response comparison

Signs of the times: Mere days after news of Google requesting Logitech to halt further sales of Google TV, new news proclaims the failure of Google TV. Idiots. The faster media jumps to a conclusion the more likely it is to happen.

Quite the opposite reaction to Google Wave, which practically everyone tried to hold out for. The only problem of which was the lack of the ability to install a federated server on your own host. If they had gotten that down first then more companies and individuals would have adopted it, giving more steam on a higher level to the idea.

*shrug* Oh well, I'm not particularly wed to it.

Did I mention I got an unexpected package in the mail when we got back from Las Vegas? Oh, did I mention we went to Las Vegas? Hmm... I have some catching up to do. Anyway, yes, a package from Logitech arrived containing a Google TV set-top box. o.O Guess I should do some testing with it.
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